Intricate Works by Nature

A few days ago, I heard a thump against the window and found a little bird spreadeagled on the ground in front of the window. It was a female goldfinch that had crashed against the glass and lost control over her bodily functions. Her heart was beating very fast and her eyes were closing and opening slowly as I nestled her in my palm. Her legs were distorted and clutching some grasses still. Slowly, her consciousness returned. She was able to move first one leg, then the other, then stand up on my hand.

She looked at me, entirely unafraid, and clear-eyed. Suddenly, without warning, she flew off into the nearby bushes.

This is what our goldfinches look like: the female (on left) is more olive-colored while the male (on right) has a bright yellow feather coat.

I was happy that I was there to protect her from any predators (cats on one side of the house, dogs on the other) and that she was able to recuperate fully. She was so light in my hand, barely weighed anything. I studied the delicate and intricate markings of her feathers. Of course, I did not have my camera on hand while I was holding this little bird in my hands. However, I’ll use some earlier photos of a dead bird, slightly larger than the goldfinch

to illustrate the intricate layering of the feathers:

songbird feathers

wingfeathers from below

wingfeathers from above

The last picture, in particular, reminds me of a woven herringbone fabric pattern. Is it surprising to see nature’s patterns show up in the works of human artists and craftspeople?

The WordPress Photo Challenge this week is “Intricate.”

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24 Responses to Intricate Works by Nature

  1. Maria F. says:

    I believe that because animals were here before us; they carry an intricate design that still supersedes ours and can even subjugate us even when sometimes it seems to be the opposite. What a great post and I’m glad the bird was okay.


  2. eta712whiteoakcottage says:

    Beautiful photos Annette!


  3. schuttzie says:

    It certainly is amazing the intricacies of nature close up! Great photos~


  4. schuttzie says:

    Oh, I was also, going to mention my parents have these huge windows on either side of the large living room and birds are constantly hitting the windows leaving them imprints. I believe they see the other side and not realize there is a window between. Sadly, some don’t make it. šŸ˜¦


  5. I love your close-ups! That last one of the wing is amazing. So intricately perfect.


  6. Wonderful photosand yes, nothing is as intricate as the natural world.


  7. Sheila says:

    Being a birder, I love your photos! Glad the Goldfinch was okay.


  8. Wonderful photos, Annette, just wonderful. I’ve never seen such an up-close view of a finch before. Sadly, I just scooped one up off my side porch (where we sat together) and just gently disposed of it. I guess it must have flown into a window or something.


  9. Yes, windows are not the best thing for birds. But I love that you saw the intricate beauty of the feathers and captured them in those photographs.


  10. Glad the bird was OK. We’ve had birds and bumblebees bumble into our large window, too. No injuries or fatalities, thankfully. I love goldfinches and look forward to seeing them in the park again now that it’s spring.



  11. What an amazing experience, the photos are truly special.


  12. I’m glad that little bird recovered, Annette. I bet you were happy too. That is really interesting, that herringbone-like pattern in that last picture. šŸ™‚


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