Fresh Breath

A storm is blowing in tonight that may even bring a bit of snow and punish the plants that dared to bloom early, and the trees that have already grown tiny fruit.

But it was a beautiful spring day and, earlier, I took this uplifting picture of a freshly painted bird house swaying lightly in the wind.

Breathe – it’s spring!



Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Breathe.

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Little Ones Bring the Greatest Pleasures

Our family was blessed with two baby girls, my first grand children.

both girls on table

Mother and babies are doing well, despite a somewhat early arrival.

They are such tiny little creatures and perfect in every way.


Holding them, softly stroking their skin and hair, and smelling their baby-sweet skin is a unique sensory experience.

safe in Mama's arms

Already, they have silky black hair, so soft to the touch.
Their skin is tender and almost transparent.

on the purple blanket

Their doll-size fingers and toes have tiny nails, already capable of accidentally scratching their own face. Tiny hands can grasp and hold with surprising firmness.

two pairs of feet

Sweet little faces, expressive, even when they are asleep – tiny smiles, frowns, sighs, and little shrieks all tell about an untold inner dream life. We will never know what they dream about or remember our own from that time.

big yawn

Newborn eyes still seem to gaze inward, not fully focused yet on this strange new world they have just entered.

covering one eye

What lives will they lead, what personalities will they develop, what likes and dislikes will distinguish them as separate little girls? One thing they can be sure of – there are many people who love and care for them. They are healthy, safe, and protected – such a privilege to start out with.

Ailsa’s travel theme: Sensory.

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A Thief and a Trapeze Artist

You faithfully fill the bird feeders to help your feathered friends through the lean times.  And then you realize that someone else invited himself to the party.

Du füllst immer treu die Futterhäuschen auf damit die gefiederten Freunde es durch die mageren Zeiten schaffen. Und dann merkst du, dass sich da noch jemand selbst zur Party eingeladen hat.

Ooh, check this out, free lunch!

Schau mal, kostenloses Mittagessen!

squirrel raiding bird feeder

squirrel raiding bird feeder

And what’s over here?

Und was ist das denn?

suet feeder

suet feeder

That looks like a delicious dessert someone left just for me. This must be my lucky day.

Jemand hat mir ein köstliches Dessert hinterlassen. Heute is mein Glückstag.


Good thing I took those trapeze lessons, this is quite a stretch.

Jetzt bin ich froh dass ich diesen Trapezunterricht gemacht habe, da muss man sich schon strecken können.


Gotta really hold on with my tail and my hind feet here.

Man muss wirklich gut mit dem Schwanz und den Hinterpfoten festhalten.

holding on

Ok, that was good but I feel a bit bloated now. What’s next?

Ok, das war gut, aber ich fühle mich ein wenig aufgebläht. Was gibt’s jetzt noch?

what now?i

Oh, yes, I know just where I am going next.

Aha, ich weiss genau was ich jetzt machen werde.

jumping off

You didn’t think you could fool me with that old kitchen towel hung over your dog door?!

Dachtest du dass du mich täuschen kannst, mit diesem alten Handtuch das du über dem Hundeausgang aufgehängt hast?!

squirrel inside 120

I know just where you keep that nice fresh water for your doggie. I see him behind the glass door but he can’t catch me.

Ich weiß genau, wo du das schöne frische Wasser für deinen Hund hinstellst. Ich sehe ihn hinter der Glastür, aber er kann mich nicht erwischen.

water bowl 120

You are such nice people here. I’ll be back soon.

Ihr seid wirklich freundliche Leute. Ich komme bald wieder zu Besuch.

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Inside the Maple Sugar Camps: Sweet Winter Harvest

This gallery contains 10 photos.

Originally posted on The Beauty Along the Road:
Just when you think that winter has frayed your last nerve and spring still seems a distant dream, Mother Nature is quietly working her magic. When the nights are still freezing but…

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Harmonious Aging

A lovely spring bouquet of tulips began to show signs of aging – petals fell off or shriveled and curled on the stem, colors changed, and shapes contorted themselves in unexpected ways.

Not unlike the aging process in our human bodies….

wilted flowers

wilted flowers


fallen petals

fallen petals

As we age, we begin to lose a lot of things:  hair, teeth, tautness of skin, stamina, quickness of reaction, youthful delusions, sometimes even memory and our mind.




How often do we ask ourselves where did the time go?  It seems like I blink and another year is gone.  I blink twice, and there goes a decade.





To our surprise, as these youthful petals fall away, windows open into new realms.  As our outer layers become less of a proud shield we place between our core and the world, what’s inside begins to show through in a new way.




Life’s challenges have a way of laying us wide open.  Do we cover our nakedness by attempting to sew the petals back on (a facelift, liposuction, or similar procedure attempting to defy the aging process); or do we accept ourselves just as we are.


Do we dare take a long, deep look at what’s inside and allow that to nourish and define us from now on?  Isn’t that infinitely more interesting than chasing those fallen petals?



Can we embrace the new shapes and directions of our life? What beauty, contentment, wisdom, and harmony lies here, now?

wilted tulip

wilted tulip

The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Harmony.

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