Flowers and Their Personalities

What if flowers had personalities? They are living beings, they procreate, they evoke feelings and reactions in us, they are intelligent – doesn’t that qualify?

Just take a look at these daffodils and their different styles and self-presentations.

Lip-stick seduction:

pucker up seduction

In contrast, here is little Ms. Wallflower:

wall flower

Wonna play with me?


Meet the Drama Queen:

drama queen

and her sidekick, Crater Rim:

crater rim

Every teacher loves this eager student, Pick-Me, Pick-Me:

pick me

Here is little Rosie in her Sunday School frilly dress:

Sunday school best

and her big sister, Miss Innocence:


Eventually, no matter how flamboyant they may have been, it’s time to say good-bye, it’s been nice knowing you:

old faithful

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Spring, Inebriated

Even if you hibernated in a cave this winter, by now you’d know it is spring.

Spring, spring, spring, trallallalla….

The cows are happy, jumping and running across green pasture:

Cows running

Flowers are happy, bursting into bloom for the sheer joy of it:

People are happy, dressing in bright colors and playing outside again:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ducks are happy, time to look for a mate and make little ducklings:

four ducks

And I am happy,
because it’s finally spring, spring, spring,

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How Many Shades of Green?

Today, I took myself and my camera for a walk to document everything green.

Following torrential spring rains, the river valley is quite wet and covered with fresh spring grass.

flooding in the river valley

Tiny sprouts of herbs, flowers, trees, and mosses are stretching towards the sky everywhere:

I also found this poem from one of my very early blogposts that has not been seen by many people:


Dragonfly iridescence
Subdued, tentative olive
Convincing hunter green
blending into
reliable, pine scented forest green
Succulent emerald of newborn spring grass
Sparkling turquoise ocean waters
Mossy, moist pillows at the foot of spruce
Lime green willows
spraying graceful arcs
Avocado butter rich.

Green is
Mother Nature’s breath,
her flowing hair,
her billowing garments.

Green is her blood,
pulsating and undulating,
nourishing and smothering,
dying and birthing herself
again and again.

Ailsa’s Travel Theme: One Colour!

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Just One Color!

You’d think that choosing only one color to illustrate a post would make things easier.  Hmm…..Ailsa is challenging us to find pictures that have one predominant color.

I took these images just a few days ago, as the morning mist began to rise from the river valley, shrouding the view in mostly greyish shades.

fog rising

shades of grey

morning fog

I loved catching this vulture swinging by on quiet wings, providing a nice little focal point against the grey mistiness of the trees.

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Red-headed Visitor

He’s been visiting for a while now but whenever he saw me coming to the window with my camera in hand, he’d quickly disappear.
But lately, he’s become less skittish and watches me for a time while I watch him. Here is my newest visitor to the bird feeder – the red-bellied woodpecker.

red-bellied woodpecker

red-bellied woodpecker

He’s about the size of an American Robin and has a black and white zebra back and a tan-colored breast. But the bright red crown is probably the most enchanting part about him. Watch him turn to show off that carnival-colored hair of his!

But why would anyone name this woodpecker “red-bellied?” Seriously, for that little coloration on its belly?

showing his red belly

showing his red belly

There’s a “red-headed woodpecker” already who sports an all-red head, so that name is taken. Red belly and all, I always enjoy watching this colorful visitor.

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