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Bark on Fire

Passing by a young river birch, I noticed that its bark was peeling off. The late afternoon sun turned the loose bark into tongues of fire running up and down the branches. Or is it a papyrus scroll holding ancient … Continue reading

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Seasonal Bounty

As summer slips into the coolness of fall, nature gifts us with abundant treasures. The mornings are filled with mobs of birds flitting from branch to branch in the wild cherry tree eating its tiny fruit. Then they drop down … Continue reading

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Fresh Breath

A storm is blowing in tonight that may even bring a bit of snow and punish the plants that dared to bloom early, and the trees that have already grown tiny fruit. But it was a beautiful spring day and, … Continue reading

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Little Ones Bring the Greatest Pleasures

Our family was blessed with two baby girls, my first grand children. Mother and babies are doing well, despite a somewhat early arrival. They are such tiny little creatures and perfect in every way. Holding them, softly stroking their skin … Continue reading

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Seasonal Abstractions

Winter is coming to an end, slowly but surely. Tree branches are swelling, sap is rising, the first robins have arrived. On a warm day recently, I saw a honey bee sitting on a patch of ice. No flowers in … Continue reading

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