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These are my photographs that elicitated their very own poem.
Ekphrastic means writings in response to images.

Earth Prayers

Yesterday, the snow had melted, and the fields glinted golden in the late afternoon light. This morning, I came across a poem by Wilfred Pelletier and Ted Poole that seemed to be the perfect match: Wherever you are is home … Continue reading

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Beauty of the Night

Luna Moth Dream now until daylight wanes Pale green beauty of the night Soon you rise on silken wings To consummate your mating flight.

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Sunday Stills: Cold as Ice

Here is the poem again, if you cannot read it on a small screen: Bare Bones Frozen night slides into hazy blues. Trees and grasses holding in standing firm. Stiff outer armor Soft dreaming inward Waiting knowing waiting Bare bones … Continue reading

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Blue Moon Glow

Blue Moon Dance Hues of blue streaming into the darkness silhouetting essential shapes swallowing the rest ….turquoise silver light…. Breathe in ice blue focus Breathe out azure waves of calm Bathe in the dance of …. blue iridescence…. Ailsa’s Travel … Continue reading

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Reflections and Longing

Doing Time Skeleton trees Slide their pale shadows Across shimmering water, Memory dimming of Swaying grasses underfoot And rustling leaves overhead. Skeleton trees – Puzzled remnants Of a valley flooded, Stubborn obstacles to boats Bleached trunks remain: Rest stops for … Continue reading

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