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Intricate Works by Nature

A few days ago, I heard a thump against the window and found a little bird spreadeagled on the ground in front of the window. It was a female goldfinch that had crashed against the glass and lost control over … Continue reading

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Medicine for a Rainy Day

On a dreary, rainy autumn day, Cee’s photo challenge for vibrant colors is just what the doctor ordered! Goldfinches love to eat the seeds from these thistles (I believe they are Canada thistles). While the thistles are highly invasive and … Continue reading

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Spring: Pure and Primal Lifeforce

SPRING in the Virginia Highlands For the last two weeks, everything has been “springing” back to life – trees blossom into clouds of soft petals or sprout their first emerald green baby leaves. Animals give birth and teach their young … Continue reading

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Joyful Easter Celebration

Today we participated in an Easter celebration with friends from a variety of religious backgrounds (Buddhist, Jewish, Christian, Atheist). It was a perfect day: sunshine, birds chirping, grass greening, and the leisure to allow the morning to unfold into the … Continue reading

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