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My name is Annette. I am passionate about nature, health, simplicity, self-reliance, truth, and life-long learning. Originally from Germany, I now live in Virginia, USA. I am a therapist, health coach, writer, photographer, and organic gardener.

Transformation by Fire

In ancient times, fire must have been a deeply mysterious and awe-inspiring force to us humans. It was flung from the skies in the form of lightning. It erupted from the innards of mountains and became a glowing lava river … Continue reading

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The Boldness of Pussy Willows

Earlier in March, I cut a few branches from my pussy willow shrub and brought them inside. The warmth of the house quickly turned the silvery white pillows of the catkins into yellow caterpillar creatures.  They seem so alive, they … Continue reading

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Bark on Fire

Passing by a young river birch, I noticed that its bark was peeling off. The late afternoon sun turned the loose bark into tongues of fire running up and down the branches. Or is it a papyrus scroll holding ancient … Continue reading

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Beauty Break

An unexpected visitor – a debilitating backache – appeared four days ago. I suspect that over-consumption of toxic political news left the back door open for this unwanted house guest to slip in. It reminds me of another house guest … Continue reading

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Resistance and Re-Purposing our Lives

I cannot remember the last time I participated in a demonstration – before the Women’s March in Washington, DC, that is. It must have been decades ago. What is it that drove me and millions of others (women AND men) … Continue reading

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