Bird watching – flagrant voyeurism

When I saw the first Baltimore Oriole today, I fondly remembered the oriole couple that built a nest near our house two years ago. I hope today’s visitor will decide to bring his wife and stay!

The Beauty Along the Road

A huge wild cherry tree near our house broke into full bloom around the middle of May. 

Baltimore Oriole coupleSo when I saw a pair of Baltimore Orioles cavorting in its branches, I thought they were eating the cherry blossoms.  In the past, I’ve caught only glimpses of these orioles, a rare sight in the spring.  But now I started seeing them every day.  The flashes of bright orange yellow through the spring green canopy were easy to spot.
The more I watched the pair, the more I wondered why they seemed to return to the same place in the tree, the edge of some hanging branches.  The aha moment was thrilling…they were building a nest!

This is no ordinary nest! It is large and spacious, a woven sack suspended from the cherry tree branches. I had seen a nest like this on someone else’s property before. For years, I kept looking…

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2 Responses to Bird watching – flagrant voyeurism

  1. Such a pretty bird!


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