Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

Cold winter sun

During the winter, my strongest need besides warmth is always color.  Color is food for the soul especially during a time of monotones.  My eye is inevitably drawn to any speck of color, to the subtlest shade of blue – give me anything so I don’t feel like I have gone color blind!  On a walk during the last snow storm, when the sky looked slate grey and the winter sun could just as well have been a cold full moon, I captured the following colors:

Green truck and smoke stack

Green truck and smoke stack

This smokestack is all that’s left from a dismantled factory.  It sits at the far end of a large field with an old green truck as its only companion.

Three crosses in the snow

Three crosses in the snow

During summer, these huge crosses are difficult to see as the lush greenery of grass and trees makes them almost invisible.  Only in winter do they assert their presence and become a prominent landmark.

Empty swing

Empty swing

I had always thought of the building in the background as white.  Only against the snow did it reveal its pale blue shade of true color!

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21 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

  1. bydda88 says:

    Great photos Annette. I especially like your comment about the building in the background in the last photo.


  2. klsprout says:

    I, too, went with more subtle colors for my post for this challenge. I passed over the carnival bumper cars, the brilliant green fern from the botanical gardens, and the violently yellow forsythia that is now in bloom. Sometimes the hint of color that can be found in small variations of shade (like the snow vs. the light blue building) can have a real impact, if we pay attention.


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  4. Tish Farrell says:

    I love your gentle shades after my rather shouty ones. Especially like the smoke stack and the truck.


  5. Gayle says:

    Beautiful photos–what an eye you have for composition, just lovely. The words that prompt you to your finds are also poignant. I am so glad that we had a chance to get to know each other a bit in Bali last year. Your blog is a perfect place to share the deeper shades of you.


  6. These are beautiful shots. In general I prefer a subtle muted palette just like this. It’s exquisite in its beauty and full of peace. The red brick chimney and blue are my favourites amongst a collection I would gladly hang on my walls 🙂


    • Thank you so much for your comments, Seonaid. (How do you pronounce that name?). I’m the opposite, I love colors, especially splashy tropical colors. But, in winter, I have no choice but look for the subtle hues and then really enjoy them.


      • You pronounce it….shone (lie the sun does)….id( which goes with ego). Unless you want to go for the full Gaelic pronunciation…..she…awe….nitch…(with the emphasis on the awe)

        And I guess it’s good we’re all different in our tastes, it keeps the world interesting. My husband loves bold bright colours too, he blames it on being colourblind and so loving the colours he can see, and wanting as much as he can get of them! You can imagine our decorating dilemmas 🙂


        • The sun shines on your ID….I like that!
          Decorating dilemmas – hmm, everyone needs to have a room of their own, according to Virginia Wolfe. So each person gets to decorate one room in the house and the rest will have to be a compromise! What do you think?


          • Absolutely, and I probably have had things my way with the most recent decorating choices, now that I come to think of it 🙂 My husband runs his business from the house, so he has total say when it comes to his office, which is a deep and vibrant red, and he has big paintings of sunflowers and cats bringing splashes of yellow and orange 🙂


  7. The picture with the smokestack looks as if it’s been selectively colored, but I take it this is an unmanipulated photograph. Good for you for seeing the subtlety of the colors.


  8. I really love your photos. I think you are an amazing photographer !

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