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The Preciousness of Friendship

I saw my best friend from childhood, S., last year. It did not matter that we are now middle-aged and that we have missed decades of each other’s lives. We talked for hours about the years that shaped us and … Continue reading

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This Time of Year

This time of year, late fall transitioning into early winter, is my least favorite time of year. Trees have shed their leaves and draw inward with just their skeleton trunk and branches remaining. I miss the leaves and their whispers … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: In the Background (2)

The following pictures were taken from a hotel swimming pool, through the window.  The inside lights were reflected in the window in such a way that they appear to create additional highrise buildings outside.  In both pictures, it seems as if the parking … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: In The Background

After sitting with this challenge for a few days, I realized I had a picture with a “double background” and a poem to go with it.  Can you figure it out?

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

During the winter, my strongest need besides warmth is always color.  Color is food for the soul especially during a time of monotones.  My eye is inevitably drawn to any speck of color, to the subtlest shade of blue – give me … Continue reading

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