West Virginia Winter Magic (Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details)

magical winter road

An overnight snow and very cold temperatures left a layer of ice everywhere creating this magical snow tunnel.

Blue at end of tunnel

There is blue light at the end of the tunnel but I am in no rush to get there, enjoying the dazzling, sparkling light reflected off every ice-encrusted surface.

Ice-encrusted branch

This branch is decorated with a thousand ice crystals sparkling in the brilliant winter sun.  Getting lost in the details is a treasure hunt for my camera.  Mother Nature has showered us again with her unique patterns and endless creativity.

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36 Responses to West Virginia Winter Magic (Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details)

  1. Laura Davis says:

    Wow, that is truly stunning!


  2. lensaddiction says:

    You commented on my blog about being attacked by falling icicles so I thought I would pop over and see the images, and OMG they are glorious! It doesnt get nearly that cold here in NZ so I envy the picture opportunities (but not the cold that comes with them for sure). First shot is my fave 🙂 Nicely exposed as well, hard to do with all that bright white 🙂


  3. Your photos are stunningly beautiful. Snow is so hard to photograph well – and I don’t often get the chance to try! The ice tunnel is something I would love to experience. 🙂


  4. Your pictures of the snow tunnel are magical. They make me so homesick for winter!! 🙂


  5. Wow! It may not quite be spring for you, but the icy weather makes for some beautiful photos!


  6. Kristin says:

    I see you’re inspired from your visit to Bali. Truly opposite eh? Anyway, gorgeous images!


  7. rhet says:

    beautiful – thank you!


  8. These are just gorgeous, winter magic at its best. I love all these shots…..snow is somehow especially enchanting when it lies on tree branches 🙂 beautiful


  9. Lovely late winter photos with the all the snow hanging on the branches.


  10. Lovely photos!! I love snow covered forests and trees. You captured it beautifully!


  11. Ok. Now I am definitely heading to the snow this weekend. Amazing shots.


  12. Your photos are beautiful and magical. They are a real pleasure.


    • Thank you, Charlie, for the encouraging feedback. I do benefit from living in a beautiful part of the world.


    • Charlie, I went to your blog to check it out. I was not quite clear at first what the site was about and whether it was a composite of writers who wrote the different articles. But then I saw your name under each entry. Is this mostly a gardening blog/healthy living blog? I couldn’t find an “About” page. But the articles looked intriguing, I particularly liked the willow twig growth hormone tea article….


  13. Maya says:

    Snow is so much more beautiful (and tolerable) when there are trees in which to drape it. Beautiful photos.


  14. That second one is fascinating with the tunnel effect with the road tracks leading the viewer in. Nice contrast with sharp blue and white snow. Some how the snow shapes on the right reminds me of white icing swirls


  15. I don’t like the cold and the snow but they look great on your photos. We do get frost here in San Diego but it’s a lot more delicate. I took a lot of photos of it this past winter and posted them on my website. The frost outlines the various shapes in nature, it’s just lovely.


  16. Greetings! I just was referred to you via Kat at Travel, Garden, Eat. Though we’ve finally escaped winter, your lovely pictures make me long for its photogenic nature. The contrast of colors in the last photo in particular is stunning!


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