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Tree Magic (2): Ivan Was Here

This distinctive tree trunk caught my attention while wandering through the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Notice the inscription at the bottom of the picture. Ivan was here and wanted you to know. A sturdy tree trunk mirrors our own … Continue reading

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Simple Treasure

If you have been lucky enough to find wild strawberries, you know that their taste is exquisite. The larger garden strawberries (not to mention those large imported strawberries on steroids) simply cannot compete with the tangy-sweet-intense berry flavor of these … Continue reading

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River Bridge

RIVER BRIDGE Quiet observer: you guard the river, whether it rages in foamy fury against your pillars or when it gently laps around your feet. Wind and rain scrubbed your knobby reptile skin, muted your fiery red into flaky grey. … Continue reading

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