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Summer Pleasures: The Porch

Around early to mid-June, many household activities move to our covered front porch.  How I Iove to sit here to welcome the new day, enlivened by a cup of coffee!  My morning meditation often consists of simply sitting and observing, … Continue reading

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The Hummingbird’s Gifts

What the hummingbird brings: Delight when you first appear in late April.  You bring the promise of spring and lively movement and sounds on my porch. Oh, the sounds: chattering and chittering, when you announce your presence; hissing, whistling and … Continue reading

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Transcripts of Gratitude

I kept a Gratitude Jar last year. Whenever I thought of something I was grateful for I wrote it on a slip of paper and dropped it in the jar. About midway through the year, I stopped. I don’t know … Continue reading

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A New Beginning

The Beauty of a quiet, undisturbed morning. I am the first one up, my mind is clear. The air is clear and cold. I started a fire, prepared the layers of crumbled paper, thin kindling branches, thicker bark pieces, and … Continue reading

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