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Here is a mystery photo: It reminded me of neural networks in the brain, a diagram of computer networks, a disorganized spider web of city streets. This was the original picture: A shot of ice crystals on a storm door, … Continue reading

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Ice Blossoms & Crystals: Details of a Winter Day

When the fog lifted around noon, ice blossoms garlanded the trees glittering in the winter sun. I knew I had a short window left before the hoar frost melted and the magic would be lost. So I set aside today’s … Continue reading

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Warmth: January’s Deception

Today, I looked through last January’s photo files. We had a lot of snow and many of you will remember learning the term “polar vortex” for the first time. It was cold, a shivering, merciless, chilled-to-the-bone kind of cold that makes … Continue reading

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Ice Crystal Meditations

It was SO cold this morning (-10 F or -26 C). I tried to do a frozen bubble experiment: blowing soap bubbles into the cold morning air hoping they would freeze before they hit the ground. Then take photographs of … Continue reading

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Untouched for Centuries: A Virgin Spruce Forest

There is a virgin spruce forest in Randolph County, West Virginia, which I have baptized “The Magical Forest.” It’s almost difficult to believe the fortunate coincidence that left a piece of forest untouched for centuries. But this is what the … Continue reading

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