Where I am from

Where I am from

I am from the dark soil of vineyards
first seeded by Roman conquerors
and still yielding a famous Riesling
on the high slopes of the Rhine River.

I am from the dimmed hopes
of parents who rarely spoke of
war-time childhood wounds
but nursed them to the bitter end.

I am from Viking blood,
the early ones who left
known earth behind
to sail into the distant horizon.

I am from Africa’s
red savannah dust,
still searching for Grandfather’s face
among the strangers of the world.

I am risen from the burning stakes
of the Middle Ages,
quick to anger when dark forces
corral women and children.

I am a refugee from
the harsh religion of science;
I find shelter with plant spirits
and the un-nameable wisdom
of deep green trees.

Annette Naber

About Beauty Along the Road

A blog about discovering beauty in all its ordinary and extraordinary manifestations.
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13 Responses to Where I am from

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  2. Lovely poem and reflections on our/your origins Annette.


  3. I am mesmerized by your poem, Annette.


  4. I think it’s just the choice of beautiful language.

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  5. Wonderful writing, Annette. We all have so much history in our ancestry. Your poem awakens my interest in mine.


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