A Resilient and Creative New Year!

Resilience and Creativity continue to be important guiding values especially now, as the “driftwood” of Hurricane Covid-19 affects all of us, no matter where we are in this world. Blessings for a healthy new year to all of my readers!

The Beauty Along the Road

I found my theme for the New Year:   Resilience and Creativity.

Hurricane Matthew, on its path up the Atlantic coast back in October, must have swept this large tree branch onto this South Carolina beach.  The hurricane caused quite a bit of destruction and flooding, as these powerful storms tend to do.


On a grey and dreary morning, this oversized driftwood looks broken and out of place…

…Like too many events in our human lives and within the political, economic, and environmental arenas.

What to do with the brokenness? with loss? displacement? with those inevitable setbacks and misfortunes that just cannot be undone?

When I returned to this tree later, just as the setting sun draped it in warm, golden colors, I noticed that a transformation had happened.


Look at what people did to this lost tree!


Someone had lovingly decorated this lonely, broken tree with treasures they found along…

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7 Responses to A Resilient and Creative New Year!

  1. Definitely two important qualities for these days. Thanks Annette!


  2. Great images presenting your theme, Annette, indeed there is much to do to repair what has been broken.


  3. jamborobyn says:

    With the right eyes and a little bit of love… thank you for this, Annette. Blessing to you.


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