The Dance of the Peacock

While I am pondering a late-winter getaway to the more Southern parts of the country, this blog post popped up in my statistics. I am looking forward to seeing birds again. The very first robins arrived today, thin and sleek from their migration, and I was delighted to see them. But there is nothing more beautiful than a dazzling peacock…enjoy the colors and poses!

The Beauty Along the Road

Stranded in Florida for 24 hours because the airline cancelled my connecting flight, I found the nearest botanical gardens for entertainment.

Indian peacocks paraded around the grounds delighting visitors with their size and beauty.

It’s hard to believe that this is a male bird. The long, exquisite train of feathers reminds me of a queen’s elegant tresses.

The iridescent blue of the neck and chest alone makes for striking adornment.

The peacock’s call is very loud, startling even, if you have never heard it before.

The regal blue transitions into a golden-green iridescent patch on the back surrounded by a black and white feather pattern that includes rust-orange on the sides of the body.

The striking tail feathers are marked by bright blue and green “eyes.”

His claws are impressive and can be used to threaten competitors during mating time.

But nothing rivals the full display of the feathers in…

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16 Responses to The Dance of the Peacock

  1. It was nice to link back to before I was seeing your posts, Annette. When I was much younger living in Springfield, MA, I would visit the park near our home and in the summer enjoy the resident peacock there. Unfortunately, and maybe things have improved in the years since, the bird was kept in a fairly small pen. But that did not stop him from the full display of those colorful plumes. Thanks for sharing this and reminding me of that distant memory. You made some great study images of the various lovely aspects of the peacock.


    • Glad this is reminding you of old memories, Steve. My critical photographer eye doesn’t like some of the less-than-sharp images taken with an older camera. Still, I’ve decided to “recycle” some of my older posts for new readers…and just for the pleasure of re-visiting experiences from the past.

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  2. Peacocks are wonderfully beautiful and fascinating. Thanks for sharing your passion Annette.


  3. cindy knoke says:

    They are such peacocks!! 😉


  4. Enjoy your mid-winter vacation. It was 60 degrees in TN yesterday and my daffodils are in full bloom.


  5. A peacock lives down the hill from us. We often here its viewpoint on the world. 🙂 Beautiful but noisy. –Curt


  6. These are terrific shots! We had a peacock who was clearly lost and looking for a mate on our suburban neighborhood a few years ago. Very exciting when he’d perch on our roof or telephone pole.


  7. Tiny says:

    Gorgeous colors well captured!


  8. PanTucky says:

    I love peacocks.


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