Visiting a conservatory is one of my favorite winter survival tools. It’s like going on a mini-vacation to the tropics without having to board a plane. When I entered the conservatory at the Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens near Charlotte, North Carolina, the exotic perfume of blooming orchids filled the air.

Orchids were everywhere – in pots on the floor, nestled into tree branches, and growing up the walls of waterfalls.

prolific bloomers

I loved that there were no “Do not touch” signs. Like me, this little girl was drawn to the scent of a low-hanging flower from the Hong Kong Orchid Tree.

girl smelling blossom

It was a delight to bathe in vibrant colors – purple, lavender, yellow, orange, pink – so rare in nature during winter.

A red dot of color adds zing to the tip of a bromeliad leaf:

bromeliad leaf tip

A heliconia flower burns like a flame among green foliage:


It was not only the colors that were vibrant – even the shapes of flowers and leaves, the folds of petals, serrations of leaves, spikiness of branches, added vibrant life force. These orchids were mostly white with just a touch of yellow but the luscious, ruffled shape of their petals spelled complexity and romance:


Waterfalls added the bright sound of splashing water and enlivened the air with moisture:

purple orchids and waterfall

Strategically placed art work provided delightful surprises, such as this statue of vividly colored glass among the trees:

glass sculpture

Several photographs of orchid close-ups invited visitors to examine the hidden details of these mysterious flowers:

arbor and orchid pic

I just kept smiling, smelling, admiring and touching – a few hours filled with vibrancy at the conservatory.

The Daily Post’s Photo Challenge theme: Vibrant.

About Beauty Along the Road

My name is Annette. I am passionate about nature, health, simplicity, self-reliance, truth, and life-long learning. Originally from Germany, I now live in Virginia, USA. I am a therapist, health coach, writer, photographer, and organic gardener.
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37 Responses to Vibrant

  1. Beautiful photographs !

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  2. Indeed, that is truly vibrant, next to kindness, beauty is such an amazing thing to share.

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  4. Gorgeous photos! I need to get over to our conservatory soon, thank you for the reminder😉

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  5. So much beauty, Annette. Thanks for sharing your vibrant images.🙂

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  6. shoreacres says:

    The white-and-yellow-touched orchids reminded me of Georgia O’Keeffe’s art. And I love that there aren’t any “Do Not Touch” signs. What a beautiful place it is. Your photos certainly do it justice.

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  7. Beautiful! I love going to botanical garden conservatories in winter too. I love your orchid photos, especially the first one and the white and yellow one near the bottom.🙂

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  8. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature says:

    Beautifully vibrant. I felt I was there with you!

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  9. Vibrant and soothing. Taking a tour with you was almost as good as being there! Thanks for sharing Annette!

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  10. de Wets Wild says:

    They are such spectacular plants, but seem to require a much more expert hand than mine to allow them to thrive.

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  11. Annette, how I envy your vibrant visit. They are spectacular. I can see why a visit is one of your favorite winter survival tools. lol

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  12. saine13 says:

    Such pretty colours of flowers and glass. Lovely.

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  13. Julie says:

    Such beauty! I can almost hear the water trickling down that stone wall. My local botanic gardens, which I’m fortunate to live close to, is my place of escape in the city. I visit frequently because the sites, smells, sounds and calmness ground me. I especially love your image of the young girl taking special notice of the orchid and breathing in it’s fragrance. Beautiful.

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  14. Great photos, all the colours are just beautiful!


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