This broken-down shell of a barn has seen better times. It used to be a grand old barn that served its owners well.

Diese gebrochene Hülle einer Scheune hat schon bessere Zeiten gesehen. Früher war es eine großartige alte Scheune, die ihren Besitzern gut gedient hat.

broken down barn in B&W

Now, the fallen side boards and holey roof provide interesting viewpoints and frames against the landscape.

Jetzt bieten ihre gefallenen Bretter und löchriges Dach interessante Aussichtspunkte und Rahmen gegen die Landschaft an.

center view in B&W

The left wing of the structure traces the curve of the gentle mountain behind it and could fool you into thinking that the barn is still functional:

Der linke Flügel der Struktur kopiert die sanfte Kurve des Berges dahinter und man könnte fast denken, dass die Scheune noch funktionsfähig wäre.

left side wing in B&W

The right wing provides contrast against the vast corn field spreading out behind it.

Der rechte Flügel stellt Kontrast zu dem riesigen Maisfeld her das sich hinter der Scheune ausbreitet.

right wing of barn in B&W

The middle part has suffered the most damage. Its broken ribs dangle loosely like a skeleton in severe disarray.

Der mittlere Teil hat den größten Schaden erlitt. Seine gebrochenen Rippen baumeln lose wie ein unordentliches Skelett.

broken ribs in B&W

It leaves me in a nostalgic and somewhat saddened frame of mind – a bit of maintenance each year surely could have prevented this beautiful structure from falling into disrepair. Perhaps, the farmer died and his children had no use anymore for the farm and its structures, as is the case in so many different places where rural flight swells urban centers.

Es macht mich nostalgisch und auch ein bisschen traurig – ein paar Reparaturen jedes Jahr hätten diese schöne Struktur vor dem Zusammenbruch geschont. Vielleicht starb der Bauer und seine Kinder hatten keine Verwendung mehr für die Farm und ihre Scheune? Das ist auch anderswo auf der Welt der Fall, wo Landflucht die Grosstädte noch immer mehr vergrößert.

The only thing I could do to honor this sad old barn was to take these photos and to respectfully share them with you.

Das Einzige das ich tun konnte um diese traurige alte Scheune zu ehren war es diese Fotos voller Respekt mit euch zu teilen.

Ailsa’s Travel Theme this week: Frame.

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13 Responses to Framed

  1. Nice series and the black & white photos create a sad mood, reflecting your sorrows over the barn’s demise. xxx


  2. Magnificent photos of a grand old building!


  3. lolaWi says:

    lovely tribute to a once grand barn. your pictures are awesome! 🙂


  4. shoreacres says:

    As a lover of barns, and a traveler through landscapes often rich with barns, I love your photos, and the words accompanying them. When I first moved to the country, I felt the same nostalgia. On the other hand, we all have a life span — animate and inanimate objects alike. At least, this one seems to be going gracefully — easing back into the earth.


  5. cocoaupnorth says:

    Beautifully captured!


  6. I love the Second Frame so much! I felt like I was standing up in the framework! In Wisconsin, unfortunately, there are more and more barns like this. When I come across them, I find this question, “WHY am I so attracted to them?” I think it is as you point out, the history and the story that stirred their creation in the first place. Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

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