So Many Angles

Sometimes, we can’t see the forest for the trees. The mind can’t quite ascertain what we are looking at. There is too much to take in all at once, or we see a configuration our brain has never seen before and doesn’t know how to interpret for us. A simple example might be: you see a person but you can’t figure out whether this person is male or female, so you keep looking for clues. Not that the gender of a stranger you will probably never see again really matters, but the mind dislikes ambiguity and seeks clarity.

entire stand from above

Sometimes, life holds too many options. They all seem equally worth pursuing but we just don’t know which one(s) we really want and need. I want to be creative, travel, grow my own food, make my own medicines, publish a book, make some money, hold trans-formative retreats, teach and mentor, protect the environment, make a difference, and….you see what I mean? There are only 24 hours in each day and only so much energy.


So – what if I change my perspective and look at things from a different angle?

seedheads from below

That’s a little better. All the distractions are gone and what remains is simpler shapes and outlines. But there are still too many options and angles and perspectives; more whittling down is required.

Ultimately, the distilled essence emerges, glistening with clarity:

single seedhead from above

Now I will meditate on this image, imprint it in my mind as the symbol for coming to the center of it all, after all the distractions and angles and options fall away.

What is it that is important today, in this moment? Everything else will unfold from here.

red poppy with bees

The Weekly Photo Challenge is: From Every Angle.

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38 Responses to So Many Angles

  1. Great photos and lessons on focus to help clarity and knowing what matters. Thanks Annette!


  2. Simply beautiful. You have chosen a great set of pictures. Like the way they look from below.


  3. carto says:

    This is a very compelling post; nicely done and spot on the challenge.


  4. Sue Slaght says:

    Wonderful photos really bringing home your point.


  5. Aggie says:

    I like this a LOT. I read the words from the email and then clicked to look at photos. From my perspective, the last image with one seedhead is not as attractive as I expected. I don’t know the rules of photo composition, but it lacks perspective, and is too plain somehow. You know that I don’t offer this as criticism – just sharing what I would call the reaction of my unconscious to your analysis.One thing I think I know about you, Annette: Whatever you choose, you’ll make it rewarding.


    • Hi Aggie – interesting different “angle” 🙂 I am very much drawn to the single seedhead and find it aesthetically beautiful and intriguing. But we all have our preferences and sometimes unconscious reactions (as you mentioned). Perhaps if you look at the image some more, whatever it has to tell you will arise? Thank you for sharing your reaction, Aggie. Too few people venture into this level of feedback.


      • Aggie says:

        Ha, I guess my unconscious applies to me, huh? At this time I am indeed focused on one thing almost exclusively and without hesitation. As I look back at the photo, I don’t want any more seedheads or other objects, but I would make the seedhead smaller and the blurred background take most of the area. Nothing came to me about what that means in my life. If you have an idea, please say. This kind of thing is fun for me.


        • I don’t know you well enough, Aggie, to even venture a guess. All I know is that it triggered a pretty strong response in you, so that’s always a cue. I personally keep coming back to my poppy pictures, taken at different stages of development, and i know I can probably dive even deeper into the symbolism. Maybe another post when the muse strikes….

          Liked by 1 person

  6. Stunning and interesting photos for this lesson. Thank you, for sharing these and your thoughts!


  7. lolaWi says:

    beautiful pictures and great lesson! thanks for sharing! 🙂


  8. A very well conceived and thoughtful post. Thanks!


  9. Megan says:

    Wonderful angles. Something not particularly pretty when you first glance at it, but in an abstract way, they are gorgeous! Great entry! And lovely post!


  10. mukhamani says:

    Liked your thoughts:) yes, life becomes so much more interesting when we learn to see from different angles, people too have so many sides and angles and they are so very different. Thanks:)


  11. Such a unique angle for this post, Annette. Loved it. What are those beautiful flowers?


  12. Mabel Kwong says:

    Lovely poppy seedheads. Well captured and they look so smart, standing tall and straight. In the third photo it does look like they are trying to reach for the skies.

    I so sympathise with you. Only twenty four hours in a day, so much to do but so little time. We can only do so much. At some point we might felt so overwhelmed and usually at these points we question what’s really important to us. Though I work full time, I still make it a point to try to do a bit of writing each day – I love it 🙂


  13. This is a simply stunning post….so calm and clear and a great take on the theme 🙂 Finding clarity…you almost make it feel simple 😉


  14. lorriebowden says:

    I love everything about this post…and feel so grateful to have landed here. Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂


  15. Wow! Beautiful post. I often feel like that – so many choices. Beautiful metaphor for getting to clarity.


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