Infected Beauty: Creepy

Michelle from the Daily Post Photo Challenge says: “This week, show us something creepy — because hey, we can’t take photos of rainbows and puppies every day.”

I saw these deer along the road a few days ago – a young female deer, a strapping buck with a nice stack of antlers – the cliché of the peaceful, pastoral landscape. To my horror, I discovered that they were all infested with what looked like ticks at first, but then turned out to be flies. I was accustomed to seeing clouds of flies all over cows and even horses, but deer, cute little deer?! That’s just wrong – beauty marred.

Of course, the flies don’t discriminate – any warm, sweaty body will serve as a landing platform.

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5 Responses to Infected Beauty: Creepy

  1. I remember seeing that years ago and not liking it either! 🙂

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  2. Awwww…poor deer. How annoying that must be.


  3. Anarette says:

    I once saw a fawn covered with flies and that was not a good sign. The fawn died before I could help it 😦


  4. It is so hard when you can’t really help in any meaningful way.


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