Shades of Gray

In the movie Girl with Pearl Earring, Griet and her employer Vermeer look out of the window of his studio. He asks her what color the clouds are. “White,” she responds. After some time, she corrects herself and points out all the different colors in the white of the clouds including grey, yellow, and blue.

Similarly, gray isn’t just gray (or grey) but contains many nuances.

In looking at the pictures I took recently during a walk around a lake on a mostly cloudy day, I found plenty of gray subjects.

We started out near a large field of gray boulders that held some interesting surprises.

a sea of gray boulders

a sea of gray boulders

Two bleached jaw bones, probably from a deer, were laid out on one of the boulders with no sign of the whereabouts of the rest of the skeleton.
Jaw bones

Jaw bones

A piece of brown rock held an intriguing gray pattern, resembling an ancient rock painting.

Brown rock fragment

Brown rock fragment

Walking down the footpath around the lake

path along lake

I notice the grayness of tree trunks in stark contrast to the lush, green ferns underfoot

gray tree trunks

This tree grew mushrooms with white, gray, and pinkish colors:

fungus on tree trunk

The lake water appeared gray in some places, blue or green with gray highlights, in others:

Insects abounded but the prettiest were butterflies, moths, and dragonflies. All seemed to share some kind of a gray color bond:

A blue truck driving on the opposite side of the lake whirled up a trail of grayish-white dust on the dry road:

dusty road

Perhaps my favorite picture in this series are these gray wildflowers with an ever-so-slight tinge of green mixed in:

wildflowers against water

Gray isn’t so boring after all! Thanks to Ailsa for suggesting the topic.
Ailsa’s Current Travel Theme is Grey.

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19 Responses to Shades of Gray

  1. Tish Farrell says:

    And people think grey/gray is synonymous with dull. How wrong. These are all beautiful shots, but your capture of the truck’s dust trail made me smile. You left no stone unturned, Annette 😀


  2. You found a lot of gray natural and manmade things. I love the flowers and skeletons and the dust whipped up by the speeding truck. 🙂


  3. Beautiful tour! Thanks Annette.


  4. Rupali says:

    Wow. Just beautiful.


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  6. I admire the degree to which you pay attention to what surrounds you, Annette. Lovely post.


  7. Wonderful! Vermeer is one of favourite artists, ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ my most watched film. love the way you link the theme! Thank you. ❤
    Here's my GREY –


  8. cindy knoke says:

    Beautiful meditation on all things grey~

    Liked by 1 person

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