Chanterelle Mushrooms!

One of the good things about this very rainy spring and summer was the astounding variety of mushrooms sprouting in the woods. My favorite summer mushroom is the chanterelle – an orange-apricot colored fungus.

chanterelle mushrooms

chanterelle mushrooms

We harvested several colanders full of these mushrooms over a period of about two weeks in July.

chanterelle harvest

This very delicious quinoa, beef, and chanterelle dinner was only one of several meals I concocted from our mushroom foraging trips:

quinoa and mushroom dinner

Unfortunately, there are a few look-alike orange-colored mushrooms that are sometimes confused with chanterelles. We heard about a family in our county eating Jack-o-Lantern mushrooms for dinner (having mistaken them for chanterelles) – with resulting stomach aches, diarrhea and vomiting. Luckily, they are not deadly.
I believe these little guys growing up a tree trunk were baby jack-o-lanterns.

orange mushrooms on tree trunk

orange mushrooms on tree trunk

If you want to learn about mushrooms, make sure you learn from someone who is very experienced. Taking a mushroom ID book into the woods is not sufficient!

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Peach or Apricot Colors.

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28 Responses to Chanterelle Mushrooms!

  1. It’s wonderful that you know what varieties are safe to eat. I enjoy looking, but don’t trust myself for harvesting. πŸ™‚


  2. bythebriny says:

    I had no idea chanterelles look like that. Beautiful!


  3. Do you find morel mushrooms? These orange ones are so vibrant. It looks like they maintain their color after cooked, too. I miss mushroom hunting, especially morels. I can taste them now. πŸ™‚


    • I love morels and was lucky to be gifted with some on several occasions. I’ve looked year after year and only found 1 (ONE!) on my property – and it was too old to be eaten. Chanterelles and chicken-of-the-wood are the ones I can find reliably and identify with certainty. I’d love to grow shiitakes but haven’t made the effort yet….

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  4. Cee Neuner says:

    Those mushrooms are so very beautiful. Gorgeous entry.


  5. I would never believe we could eat the chanterelle mushrooms. It’s great that you know what’s safe and what’s not. I guess I’ll have to buy mine from the grocery store or a market! πŸ™‚


  6. Beautiful colour mushrooms. I would be very hesitant to pick my own mushrooms. 😳


    • Thank you, Sylvia. Yes, I am hesitant (or better, avoidant) with most of the mushrooms I see but this one I know very well – the exact shade of yellow, the smell, the growing habitat. If I have any doubt, I leave it alone….


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  8. Cee Neuner says:

    Congratulations! I have selected this post to be featured on Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge.
    I sure hope you are having a great week.

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  10. Wow, how beautiful they are with the wavy curly edging! I’ve never seen them around my area but we do get morels, though, yum! We’ve been delighted to find some growing on our property. One year the weather must have been perfect and we had many different kinds growing all over in our backyard of pine. Fairy mushrooms, puff balls, so many others that we had to get a book on them.


  11. Anarette says:

    Great harvest! Delicious!


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