Market Day in Rincón, Puerto Rico

Sunday is time for church and the Farmer’s Market in Rincón. While I had wanted to peek inside the large Catholic Church right next to the town square, I was so taken by the vibrant Farmer’s Market atmosphere that I never made it to the church before my ride picked me up.

A golden arch across the street marks the entry to the downtown area that holds the market square.

golden arch

A spacious pavilion in vibrant colors matching those of the golden arch provides space for music and dance performances:


Market vendors sold the usual fruits and vegetables, in their original, unprocessed state:

Even more common were vendors who sold prepared foods of all kinds, many super healthy and organically grown:

The best part was probably people watching as the market place was humming with people talking, playing, resting, or just ambling around. Even churchgoers were fascinated by market activities and watched from their high perch:

market overlook

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18 Responses to Market Day in Rincón, Puerto Rico

  1. Love the bold, beautiful colors of this special part of the world.


  2. Such a vibrant post, thank you for sharing, Annette.


  3. schuttzie says:

    Really lovely bright photos! I enjoyed the Farmers Market, too, and it seems as though many come to make it a social event. So interesting watching people and talking to vendors about their wares. Thank you, may I share this on FB?


  4. Love the bright colors. What is the thing at the bottom with smoke coming out? Is that incense, or something to drive away mosquitoes?


  5. Oh I love these market photos..such vibrant colors. I really like the disco globe made out of aluminum can bottoms. Very cool. I’m going to have to make one of those. 🙂


  6. These farmers’ markets are such infinitely social places. I love the banter of the vendors and the brightly colored piles of fresh fruits and vegetables. The one I just left behind in Old Town Scottsdale had the most amazing breads, Annette! Oh my. And one lady selling Southwest Popsicles with all fresh ingredients from a cooler like lime/coconut or strawberry/mango, etc. Just heavenly.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Maria F. says:

    I missed this post! What vibrant colors your pictures have! You chose to go to Rincón! I almost always stay in San Juan, but the beaches at Rincón are famous for surfing, and you caught the farmer’s market. Nice!


  8. Annette, a beautiful splash of colors. Did you get a chance to purchase any of the enticing produce?


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