Treasure Hunt

Not so long ago, a mother and her daughter took a morning walk along the beach.

shadows in the sand

walking along the beachThey saw something washing up on the beach but getting sucked back into the sea.  They watched for a while wondering whether the waves would deliver.  But the sea kept them waiting and didn’t want to release its possession just yet. It was so close and, yet, just out of arm’s reach.

something in the water

Bored with waiting around, the daughter wandered off to find some helpful implements.

found somethingFull with youthful hope, she returns with her tools.

returning with some toolsI’ll get it now, watch me!

trying hard

She keeps reaching for the treasure with her sticks, but the sea teasingly pulls it away from her just when she thought she had a hold of it.  The waves keep rolling in forcing her to jump back at the last moment to avoid getting her shoes wet.



almost got it







This is not working so well.  I’ll have to go in the water; let me take my shoes off.

taking her shoes and socks offHere we go….I can do this…

wind in her hairThe water is so cold, she screams.  Then she grabs her treasure and gleefully wrestles it away from the sea.

Her prize:  a piece of seaweed (or was it a sponge?), wet and sandy, satisfying as a ripe piece of fruit picked from high up in the tree.

celebratingTime to celebrate….

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21 Responses to Treasure Hunt

  1. Barneysday says:



  2. dogear6 says:

    What a great day and you got pictures to remember it by too!



  3. Dina says:

    Lovely photo story! 🙂


  4. indacampo says:

    It’s life’s simple adventures that make it worth living. Thanks for sharing yours. 🙂


  5. Awwww…such a simple and heartwarming story. Love it! You never know what you may pull out of the sea.


  6. Lovely photos of your daughter, Annette. I enjoyed the story. 🙂 The shadow pic is so sweet.


  7. schuttzie says:

    I read this early this morning and it warmed my heart and soul! I love beach treasures and everyone has their own concept of what is a treasure to them. We always come back with lots of “weird” things, haha! Wonderful memories you have shared with us, thank you!


  8. So interesting, and I’d bring it home and spray it gold and use it as a focus point in my house.

    Liked by 1 person

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