Yearning for Green

Green water, green woods

The snow storm du jour has been depositing a dry, powdery snow since morning and is not expected to stop anytime soon.  The color green is entirely absent from the landscape except for the hunter green of my Subaru (topped with inches of snow, of course).  Everything else is white or a shade of grey or tan, as evening descends on another frigid day in the mountains.

But I can still dream of green (and all the other colors)… and look at my pictures. A large canvas print of this soothing and very green scene decorates one of my living room walls.

Stay warm!

The Sunday Stills theme this week is “Green River.”

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30 Responses to Yearning for Green

  1. You guys have been hammered this winter! I think you’ve seen more snow than we have “up north”!


  2. Barneysday says:

    I think we’d give a month’s pay to have a landscape of white. We’ve had nothing but green all winter, which doesn’t portend well for next summer’s water supply. If you’ll ship us some of your snow, I’ll ship you as much green as you can stand.


  3. Am right there with you yearning for the cold to stop and day dreaming about summer colors coming back to the landscape. Stay warm!


    • Thank you, Cindi, we’ll make it through one way or the other. I think we may have lost our water tonight, not sure whether it’s pump failure or a frozen pipe. Life never gets boring….


      • My car wouldn’t start yesterday. My diesel girl hates this cold. So sorry about your water! Yikes Annette. I hope it’s not too painful to get it fixed.

        The space we rent for our business has terrible insulation. We have heat tape on the pipes and leave the water trickling. Helps to track down air leaks where wind can blow on pipes too.

        Keep on dreaming green! 😉


        • Yes, the vehicles aren’t happy. Our tractor wasn’t starting, so the log splitter can’t be operated; which means our pile of firewood is getting really low (hopefully, a message to a certain someone to start piling up firewood through the warmer season :-). Water to the house seems ok, just one faucet is giving trouble; always some trouble-shooting going on, as I am sure you are very familiar with. Stay warm and dry.

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  4. Love the emerald green of this scene, Annette. A promise of things to come. Hang in there. 🙂 xx


  5. Aileen Hunt says:

    Hi Annette, I’ve been thinking about the weather in America and wondering how my friends are coping. It’s a lovely Spring day here in Dublin. The crocuses are blooming and the daffodils are almost ready. Still lots of bare trees though, so I’m also looking forward to things greening up! Is that one of your photos? It’s beautiful. Very lush!


  6. Lovely reminder that better times are coming. Over here in N. Virginia, we only had about 4″ so no big deal and the brown tones are no longer visible.


  7. The green jumped off the screen at me, Annette. Great.


  8. Spring is coming! Can’t wait for those first green shoots. 🙂


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