Sunday Stills: Cold as Ice

Bare bones Here is the poem again, if you cannot read it on a small screen:

Bare Bones

Frozen night
slides into hazy blues.

Trees and grasses
holding in
standing firm.

Stiff outer armor
Soft dreaming inward


Bare bones survival
holding on
standing tough

Stiff outer armor
Soft dreaming inward


This, too, shall pass.

Dedicated to anyone who may be experiencing hardship and difficulties.

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8 Responses to Sunday Stills: Cold as Ice

  1. bythebriny says:

    Picture and poem, a perfect partnership.


  2. bythebriny says:

    Gah, so much alliteration. 😉


  3. Beautifully put, and so full of gentle wisdom…which is always the best when conditions are harsh 🙂


    • Hi Seonaid – I wrote this poem in the worst of winter, kind of comforting myself with it (“You can do this, you’ll survive”). Then a friend’s mother passed away and I sent her this picture and poem; she really liked it and felt soothed by it. It was then I realized that the poem was applicable across many hardships we might be dealing with. Thanks for your wise input.

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  4. Lucid Gypsy says:

    Wonderful, wise words full of compassion!


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