Warmth: January’s Deception

Today, I looked through last January’s photo files.

We had a lot of snow and many of you will remember learning the term “polar vortex” for the first time. It was cold, a shivering, merciless, chilled-to-the-bone kind of cold that makes you daydream about emigrating to a place closer to the equator. I know, some people thrive in this kind of weather and go skiing, snow-shoeing, ice-skating, snowmobile-ing. I prefer to look at pictures from the Caribbean, sip endless pots of hot tea, and put another log on the fire. Warmth was an ongoing challenge…

Most of January presented itself in a limited palette of “cold” colors:

When sunlight did create warmer colors, actual warmth remained an illusion.

Warm pink skies on a cold winter morning:

winter morning

The sun-lit, cinnamon-brown horse is definitely the warmest thing in this winter scene:

over the horse's back

The sun’s reflection in this wintery meadow looks deceptively warm and cozy:

golden stream

Today is only the beginning of another January in the Northern Hemisphere. What will it bring us this year?

Honoring my New Year’s resolution to incorporate some kind of exercise every day, I am putting on warm winter clothes to go for a brisk walk on this sun-lit, windy and cold New Year’s Day.

Wishing you warmth for the New Year, wherever you are!

The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is all about “Warmth.”

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29 Responses to Warmth: January’s Deception

  1. jpeggytaylor says:

    Beauty in coldness as well as warmth! I love the ice stars and the pink sunrise … though perhaps it heralded more snow! Wishing you warmest wishes for the New Year 🙂


  2. dogear6 says:

    I think you did a good job of conveying warmth in those colors, even though brrrrr it looked cold. And of course, it was. I’m so glad it’s been moderate so far.



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  4. I’ve never seen a pink skyline before. Beautiful!


  5. Gorgeous images, Annette. That last one is really stunning. 🙂


  6. Best wishes for health, happiness, peace, and prosperity to you and yours in 2015!


  7. artofearth says:

    These are just stunning, Annette. Thank you for sharing. Indeed, water truly is gold…and golden! Do you have to wait very long for these? If so, thank you for venturing out at a time of year when, like you, I am inclined to stay in and drink lots of tea!


    • Thanks, Leigh. I was actually driving on a narrow road and saw the sunset reflected in this little river. I did my best to stop the car and take a few quick shots out of the window because I was afraid of another car coming around the corner. It was worth the risk – I love this shot 🙂


  8. Leya says:

    Sending you warmth from a cold and stormy Sweden! Great shots, and the last one is truly amazing!


  9. Gosh I love that moulten river of gold in the last shot….what a lovely post. I’m sipping rose tea infront of our log fire as I type….keeping warm and snug 🙂


  10. I love especially the last picture, it’s like gold. Wish you a phantastic new year!


  11. timelesslady says:

    Gorgeous pictures…I’m in the 2000 mile “swathe” of snow the weather forecasters been talking about for a day or two. It’s beautiful, but I’m ready for Spring…long, long wait. But…if I was outdoors I wouldn’t be having so much fun by browsing blogs on this week’s photo challenge. I’d be weeding or walking about grumbling about the weeds. 🙂


    • Hello, TimelessLady – thanks for stopping by and commenting. Yes, I understand the anticipation of spring very well. I often think about people who live up North, in much harsher and longer winter weather who may have a total of 3 or 4 good months of spring/summer/fall. I really don’t think I could handle that…


  12. Somehow I missed this gorgeous post, Annette. That shot of the pink skies is a stunner. Hope you are not finding it too blog to stick to your daily exercise regimen, it’s been really blustery here.


  13. I love the snow-covered truck. Why does that feel so southern? You bring joy to so many people. Thank you for the words and enchanting views of your world. I look forward to 2015. Kind regards, Catherine


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