Angles, Half-Pipes and Boys without Supervision

Wandering through a park, I noticed a little boy propelling his vehicle towards the front of this structure.  He was looking behind him as if someone was following him.

little boy all alone

“Where is your mama?”  I was wondering.  He seemed to be entirely alone, but not lost or distraught.

And what was that boxy blue structure?


When I saw the teenager on his skateboard, it all fell into place –  a skatepark with a half-pipe.

But who did the little boy belong to?

little boy alone

By now, he had circled around the structure to the front.

little boy and older boy

A second boy appeared inside the half-pipe.  The little guy watched intently but received no eye contact from the older boy.

two boys skateboarding The two older boys were busy perfecting their sport.  After all, you have to concentrate skating angular walls.

So the little boy kept on circling the structure again – unsupervised by the older boys who, undoubtedly, had been charged with taking care of him.  If his mama only knew how independent he was, and how capable of entertaining himself!

Angles, curves, and boys…. altogether in the skatepark. Would you pay them for babysitting YOUR toddler?

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23 Responses to Angles, Half-Pipes and Boys without Supervision

  1. Carol says:

    Not if I knew how little attention they paid to the little one. Pay should be commensurate with due diligence.


  2. Parents these days! 😉 Go figure! Great take on the challenge!


  3. Independence is such a valuable skill to gain….and so few opportunities now. Perhaps this was a blessing in disguise?


  4. Lucid Gypsy says:

    Oh dear how worrying, anyone could run off with him.


    • This skate park is in a very small town, so the danger of that would be slim. My concern would be more along the lines of him stepping in broken glass or finding some (addict) needles (which is what happened on the playground of a pre-school my daughter attended when she was very young).


  5. ladysighs says:

    I have two kids and we never once had a babysitter for our kids!
    I did a lot of babysitting when I was a teen. Maybe that’s why I never had a babysitter for my own. lol 😦 On the other hand it was probably because we were too poor to have one.


  6. I don’t think I’d pay them to babysit either, but that little boy sure has a cool bike. 🙂


  7. I just want to grab that little toddler up safely in my arms! He could just wander away as those older boys do their thing. aaarrrggghhhh


  8. asqfish says:

    Little boys always follow the big boys around who are irritated with them following and ignore them. I am sure they would stop him from entering the skate zone if he is their brother:)


  9. I think that little boy should have had proper adult supervision. Teenagers having fun on skateboards does not translate into ideal baby watchers. It’s not fair of the parents to give them that sort of responsibility. Good pics for the challenge, Annette. 🙂


  10. Maybe I’m from another planet, but I don’t see a problem here. Did anything bad happen? If not, maybe we are watching too much TV.


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