Virgin Islands – Birds & Fish

As the weather is turning colder, here in the mountains of Virginia, last month’s trip to the Virgin Islands is quickly fading in memory. And so is my summer tan…

So before the island experience dissipates, I must post a few more memories.

Here, at Magens Bay, on the North Coast of St. Thomas,

Magens Bay

Magens Bay

we spent a day bird watching and bathing in the clear blue waters.

This Royal Tern was circling high above. Spying some fish, it gathered speed

Royal Tern diving from up high

Royal Tern diving from up high

and caught its glistening prey with skill and accuracy

Royal tern with fish

Royal tern with fish

Then flew across the water

royal tern with fish in beak

and high up in the air where the fish was beginning to slip a bit from its beak

rising high above, fish in beak

Could the fish have wriggled itself free and fallen back in the water? I held my breath, to no avail. The bird had its lunch…just another delicious gulp in the life of a bird.

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17 Responses to Virgin Islands – Birds & Fish

  1. kellie@writingmoment says:

    Wow! What wonderfully timed pictures!


  2. ladysighs says:

    I wanted the fish to escape too, but just nature doing what it does. It is beautiful and horrifying at the same time. Makes me glad I am at the top of the food chain…usually. šŸ™‚


  3. Normally I would say “great shots!” But I spent yesterday on the James doing an bald eagle watch….and tried to get some pictures….and know how hard this is now. So let me just say “GREAT SHOTS!”


    • Then you can relate, Barbara šŸ™‚ It’s hard to convince eagles or any other animal for that matter to pose just so for us to get our best pictures. sometimes, I just click away on my fast action setting and don’t know what I’ve got until I upload everything onto the computer. Did you do a bird count?


  4. Beautiful photo essay! It’s awe-inspiring to watch animals in their natural habitat, and pleases me to see other people who enjoy it too šŸ™‚


    • Thank you, PaperBoatSailor (what a great blog name!). I also saw a group of 4 wild parrots flying overhead – too quick to get the camera in place – and my heart jumped a beat. I just felt so happy for them to be wild and free instead of in someone’s cage…


  5. Bodynsoil says:

    Nice photos of that catch, I bet he wouldn’t let it slip away either.


  6. Jaspa says:

    Stunning photos, Annette! I was in St Thomas only last week, although we’d visited there before and so took the ferry to St John for the day.


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