On the Edges

My eyes always scan the edges – edges of the road, forest edges, water’s edge, ridge edges. Life seems richer and more alive along the edges.

Driving along a one-lane ridge road on Virginia’s highest elevation, Allegheny Mountain, you feel like you are on the top edge:

Top edge of Virginia

Top edge of Virginia

Here is another view:

View from Allegheny Mountain

View from Allegheny Mountain

The seed heads of spring flowers create interest along a roadside fence:

wild parsnip seedheads

wild parsnip seedheads

Late summer is also my favorite time for tall, flashy wildflowers along the edges of country roads and un-mowed portions of pastures.

Joe Pye Weed and Ironweed paint breathtaking color canvasses along the road:

Plants themselves can be “edgy:” either because they are prickly or thorny (thistles, roses, burdock), or because they are toxic to humans and/or animals (poison ivy, poke weed, datura).

This teasel is quite prickly:


The Datura plant or Jimson Weed displays large, attractive blossoms but is a dangerous plant that can induce hallucinations (or worse).


I enjoyed watching these deer race up the hill to the top edge

deer on the edge of the ridge

And I accidentally ended up between this Mama bear and her twin cubs, a potentially very edgy situation. Luckily, I was in my car and had the luxury to take this picture before backing away.

mama bear

This post was created in response to Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Edge.

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25 Responses to On the Edges

  1. Lovely shots! You live in a beautiful part of the world.


  2. Hi Annette….what a lovely glimpse into your world. I too love landscape and edges but they look very different where I live. ~Kathy


  3. jpeggytaylor says:

    Wonderful ‘edgy’ landscapes and interesting to learn a little about the wildflowers in your area. The close encounter with the bear sounds quite alarming!


    • Hi Peggy – if you are interested in more wildflowers, I have a lot of posts under the “flora” category for your perusal. I saw the mother bear and two cubs from my house. They raided my apple tree! When I took pics and they noticed me, they slowly moved away so i decided to follow them in my car. I would have never followed them on foot. Mama bears do not joke around when they feel their cubs are threatened. So it was fairly safe. But I was a bit concerned when the mama bear crossed in front of my car, up a wooded hill on my right and I heard the little ones crashing around on the hill on my left. So i backed out slowly after taking a few pics of her glaring at me…


      • jpeggytaylor says:

        Thanks for pointing me in the direction of your other flower posts – I shall take a look.
        Ah, so that is the rest of the ‘bear’ story 🙂 Yes, I understand that mother bears are very protective of their cubs. The most dangerous animals we have here in the UK are humans! I can imagine that in places where you know you are likely to encounter bears, you develop an awareness of safety in those circumstances.


  4. Beautiful Annette, is this your neighbor hood???? Thanks for taking us readers for a weekend drive.


  5. Sue Slaght says:

    Oh very good luck to be in your car for that bear shot. Wow!


  6. Gorgeous pics, Annette. I’m so impressed with your black bear encounter. 🙂


  7. A really nice post, great images. Thanks very much.


  8. dogear6 says:

    You did a great story and picture post on Ailsa’s word. I enjoyed it also (you got some nice comments).



  9. hugmamma says:

    Lovely photos of nature…


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  11. What a stunning edge you took us to…..wonderful photos of a beautiful looking country. I totally agree with you about edges. Love the bear shot, but was glad to hear you were inside your car!


    • Thank you, Seonaid, it is gorgeous country even though it’s constantly threatened by one thing or another. Right now, a large power company wants to build a huge pipeline through totally pristine forest in this area – so the fight is on to protect it.


  12. Beautiful pictures, you better stay away from the mama bear and her cubs!


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