Quintessential Country Spring

After a tremendous downpour, the air is clean, the grass freshly washed and sparkling with that wondrous green only spring can produce for a few short weeks.

Spring green in the valley

Spring green in the valley

Just another spring day in the country…

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21 Responses to Quintessential Country Spring

  1. Pit says:

    Hi Annette,
    Another beautiful spring day for you as for us here in the Texas Hill Country. After a good and highly welcome rain yesterday and the night before the sun is now shining brightly from a clear blue shy and everything looks ever so clean! Fantastic! 🙂
    Take care, and enjoy the day,


    • Hi Pit – good to hear from you again. Enjoy spring before the Texas heat becomes oppressive and overpowering again…


      • Pit says:

        Yes, I’ll certainly enjoy spring here. And hopefully, here in the Texas Hill Country, even the southern Texas summers will not be as oppressive as they used to be in Karnes City. Just now it’s absolutely fantastic outside: still a tad crisp, but bright sunshine from a clear blue sky. Maybe I should go and sit on the porch with the doggies.
        Have a great day,


  2. lauramacky says:

    Beautifully captured!! I love how the sun illuminates the bunny’s ears. 🙂


  3. Beautiful spring images, Annette. The bluebird is so gorgeous. 🙂

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  4. mpejovic says:

    Oh wow, that bluebird is amazing! Never seen anything like it.


    • Milka – our male Eastern Bluebirds sometimes have an amazing intensity to them. This one is especially beautiful. The females are a bit more subdued. The only bird that “outshines” them is the Indigo Bunting which is blue all over, sometimes appearing to be irisdescent, even a bit turquoise.


  5. suzjones says:

    Just beautiful. 🙂


  6. indacampo says:

    Surprisingly those hills don’t look much different than some of our scenery while we were out and about today. Everything is greening up. The only difference is the critters, and the temperature of course. Great captures, thank you for sharing.


  7. I agree with “anotherday” about that vibrant bluebird! Lovely, lovely images. As usual!


    • Thank you, Barbara – I watch a couple of bluebirds every day as they fly to their house and feed their youngins. I wished the image was sharper, but that would require a more powerful telephoto lens than the one I have. Oh well, one of these days…


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