People Watching at the Duck Pond: Three’s Company

Spring-like temperatures sweetened our impatient late winter mood and brought many people out to Gypsy Hill Park last weekend. Expecting to take photographs of the water fowl that have claimed this small lake as their home, I discovered that watching the people who came to watch the critters was just as interesting.

Three humans, two dogs and two geese end up in the same corner eyeing each other:

All entangled

All entangled

These three friends have discovered something interesting in the water:

Watching intently

Watching intently

An elderly gentleman with a love for yellow clothes sat all by himself on a park bench basking in the warm sunshine and watching couples and young families pass by.

Man in yellow jacket

Man in yellow jacket

This post was created in response to the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes.


About Beauty Along the Road

My name is Annette. I am passionate about nature, health, simplicity, self-reliance, truth, and life-long learning. Originally from Germany, I now live in Virginia, USA. I am a therapist, health coach, writer, photographer, and organic gardener.
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9 Responses to People Watching at the Duck Pond: Three’s Company

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  5. Annette, I love the man in the yellow jacket…he would make a great painting….and he has some stories to tell for sure 🙂


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