Color Therapy: Yellow

Mother Nature in her winter costume showed us (again) who is boss.

In the last 24 hours, she dropped 15 inches of fresh, fluffy snow, here in the mountains of Virginia. The rest of the East Coast in the US is experiencing similar conditions, even an ice storm way down in Georgia!

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Climbing up the snow-covered hill after taking fresh water and feed to the chickens, I was out of breath and stood for a while, watching and listening: Clouds were flying across the sky (more snow to come). The only sounds were rushing river water in the distance and the wind high up hurrying the clouds along. Then the sun, which was nowhere to be seen all day long, sent her long fingers over the Western mountain and caressed the clouds until they blushed a deep pink.

As stark as winter is, it can be also be exceptionally beautiful.

Today, my eyes need more color and Ailsa’s travel theme is YELLOW….perfect for my color-deprived senses.

leaf shadows on yellow fabric

leaf shadows on yellow fabric

I suspect that my eyes are not the only organs that see color. I am convinced my skin can sense colors and my intestines feel colors. How else would I explain the whole body sensation when my eyes see yellow? My body feels warmer, brighter, and lighter and seems to be stretching higher and occupying more space. I have more energy and lots of ideas. I feel strong and purposeful.
No wonder, the color of the third chakra is yellow, too. Chakras are energy centers in our body and the third chakra, located in our solar plexus, represents willpower and personal strength.

pillar detail

pillar detail

Yellow is the color of the sun. I am not surprised our ancestors deified the sun. Without the yellow warmth of the sun, we and most other life forms on planet earth would wither, wilt, and die.

I didn’t have a picture of Sun God Ra, but this golden Buddha will stand in his place:

Golden Buddha

Golden Buddha

And just for the pleasure of it, I am adding a few more yellow splashes to brighten up the day:

colorful tile

yellow and orange koi

I’ll be watching for signs of spring (and more yellow) with eyes as intent as my cat’s:

cat eyes

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16 Responses to Color Therapy: Yellow

  1. randee says:

    Nice post! I, too, like yellow, a yellow house, some yellow walls. But some people just don’t. It’s interesting.


  2. Dina says:

    Wow, Annette, you do have a LOT of snow this year!! We have absolutely nothing! Not one snow flake. The least image is hypnotizing, what a gorgeous cat you’ve got. šŸ™‚
    Have a happy Valentine’s day!
    Love, Dina


    • Thank you, Dina, that cat is semi-feral and you can’t even lift her up for cuddling. She’ll scratch your eyes out! But they allow us to feed them, house them on our porch and pet them while they are being fed. In return, they go after all the mice and chipmunks they can find.
      Strange winter – we’ve got extreme cold and now lots of snow and in the UK, you’ve got more wetness and higher waves than ever.
      Happy Valentine’s Day to you, Klausbernd and the Fairies!


  3. For sure yellow is a cure for the winter doldrums. Love your bits of yellow to brighten our days. šŸ™‚


  4. lauramacky says:

    I can’t even relate to this! It was 76 degrees here yesterday. But nice shots, lol.


  5. Oh, this post makes me feel all tingly and warm inside…even with the snow pictures. You got an amazing amount of snow. Happy Valentine’s Day…make it a yellow day! šŸ™‚


  6. Your cat’s eyes are so beautiful. Nice shot! My, that’s such a lot of snow, Annette, but your lovely sunshine-yellow images really warm up your post. šŸ™‚


  7. mpejovic says:

    Love that Buddha full of happiness and joy! And I just remembered after seeing your koi that I have a yellow one I could have used to. Oh well, next time!


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