Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows Transformed

This week’s WordPress weekly photo challenge theme is Window: “They are portals into the world’s stories. Glimpses into other people’s lives. Looking out (or into) a window can tell you about where you are — and where you’re not — and mark a particular moment in time, linking you to a physical place. Windows are also enablers of our daydreams and desires, and can stir up memories and big ideas.”

For my first post on windows, I chose a series of window reflections. To my eye, these particular reflections create a new dimension of intrigue, beauty and art that transform the rather plain window surfaces.

The windows at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond reflect a series of very different structures:

window reflections at VMFA

The same car window reflects a warm autumn scene

reflection in car window

but creates a very different mood with this stark winter reflection:

car window reflection

A row of windows becomes more intriguing through the reflections of blue sky and the top edge of another building:

Charleston windows

These windows are entirely lit up by the rising sun:

windows reflecting sunrise

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9 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows Transformed

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  2. The colours in the car reflection are so deep and vivid, love it. MM 🍀


  3. Sue Moran says:

    Lovely images!


  4. I love reflections in windows. The one in the Richmond Fine Arts Museum is really interesting. 🙂


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  6. indacampo says:

    I also love the first one. The look of the more traditional structure reflected in the more modern building makes a good contrast. Wonderful interpretation!


  7. I love your window pics, Annette, especially the autumn car window reflection. It’s quite startling and very beautiful.


  8. jennisnails says:

    I love the many views and variety of windows you chose to publish! They each speak a different language. 😉


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