Everything I ever needed to know I learned on the Beach

Life can be messy sometimes, with lots of scum:

Scum pic 2

and broken pieces:

Life's a beach pic 1

We may feel confused and without direction, perhaps even stranded:

just milling around pic 6

Just waiting for who knows what:

and so we wait pic 5

It can be difficult to find our way between the canyons and craters along the way:

canyons and craters pic 7

We want to leave our footprints and make a difference

solution pic 5 we leave our footprints

And then it all gets washed out despite our efforts

solution pic 6 sea deletes footprints

So what’s the use if all we end up with is this?

solution pic 7 what is the use

Still we hang in there hoping for a fish or two for dinner

hoping for a fish or two pic 8

How do we mend the broken pieces?

Maybe the children and the birds can give us some clues.

Number 1: Observe and assess

Number 2: Get ready

solution pic 3 watch the perfect wave

Sometimes it helps to do things together:

Sometimes I dig my own hole and you dig yours

solution pic 16 you dig yours I dig mine

solution pic 8 lets do it together

Number 3: Show some enthusiasm

Number 4: Use some elbow grease

solution pic 13 elbow grease

Number 4: Tap into the power of family

solution pic 12 help when you can

solution pic 15 together we can do this

Number 5: Create your own art out of the pieces of your life, just the way you like it

turning life into a piece of art pic 11

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A blog about discovering beauty in all its ordinary and extraordinary manifestations.
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8 Responses to Everything I ever needed to know I learned on the Beach

  1. I like your words of wisdom so much, Annette! And the photos accompanying the words are perfect. Excellent!


  2. Loca Gringa says:

    How clever! A great sense of one-ness with our world! Well done …


  3. mpejovic says:

    Beautiful! The beach sure can teach us a few lessons.


  4. suzjones says:

    Just wonderful. Love your advice and the photos with it. 🙂


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