What Lies Inside?

At first, we may not know
what lies inside
the tightly wrapped ball.
There may be a hunch, a sensation,
a beginning formation

iris enshrouded

Perhaps there are clues:

a color,
a temperature,
a heaviness.

We peer, we peek, we spy,
we examine,
we analyze,
we want to know!

And, yet, is it not in plain sight?
What you see is what you get, can’t you see?

No, look closer,
descend the circular staircase
to the inner sanctum

Keep looking

But don’t get confused here

It’s all very simple, really.
It’s all inside,
inside of you.

About Beauty Along the Road

A blog about discovering beauty in all its ordinary and extraordinary manifestations.
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19 Responses to What Lies Inside?

  1. Hi Annette, you gave such a meaningful metaphor, thank you for sharing with us — April


  2. Beautiful photos and words, Annette. 🙂


  3. Deb Booth says:

    Beautiful and thought-provoking, Annette – thank you for the stimulation!


  4. rhet says:

    Beautiful, Annette!


  5. Cee Neuner says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!


  6. Beautiful – made my day!!


  7. Beautiful images. somehow it reminds me of the saying, “inner beauty is the real measure of what’s beautiful.” Thanks.


  8. Imagineer says:

    Excellent images and well presented.


  9. Kelly Kuhn says:

    Wonderful way to give us this message. There is so much beauty in life, so much in ourselves. But we miss it much of the time, don’t we? My favorite lines were “Perhaps there are clues: a color, a temperature, a heaviness.” Very nice!


  10. Thank you, Kelly, I love using nature metaphors. They just bubble up when I look at these beautiful flowers, or when I spend time in the garden.


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