Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

Living an hour away from “civilization” (meaning the nearest city), grocery shopping and running errands get wrapped into a weekly day trip to the Shenandoah Valley. When I return home at the end of the day, I am always hoping that I can make it to the top of this mountain by sunset. This time, I was rewarded with a gorgeous golden sunset from the Shenandoah Mountain overlook:

Golden Sunset

Golden Sunset

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37 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

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  2. Stunning! I miss the Shenandoah Mountains.


  3. Angie says:

    Beautiful shot!


  4. seeker says:

    I would like to experience what you just experienced.


  5. mpejovic says:

    Beautiful and perfect for the theme!


  6. Joe Owens says:

    Hi Annette, I live just a couple or three hours down the road from you In abingdon, Virginia. Don’t we have the most lovely sunrises and sunsets. I loved yours.


  7. Dina says:

    Wow – the best presentation of this theme I have seen so far. Absolutely gorgeous!


  8. That’s a stunning golden photo….I love your landscape, and the way you capture it’s fleeting beauty 🙂


    • Seonaid – I just found this comment in the SPAM folder – what’s wrong with that?! And to think that I just deleted a full spam folder a few days ago – who knows what else was in there?
      Thanks for your comment – “fleeting beauty” is so apt, because a minute or two later, the show was over….


  9. Jeff Sinon says:

    The light on those foreground trees, and the layers of the mountains in the background, along with the sun peeking in from the left, perfect!


  10. Here I am! I told you I’d drop by … and I was greeted with this beautiful image. I have never been in Virginia though, from your photo, it would seem to represent the overlap of three states with which I am familiar, Massachusetts, New York, and Pennsylvania. I relate to living far from civilization. Joanna and I once determined that we live four hours from everywhere! That’s not to say that groceries and the feed store aren’t closer, but all the big cities are half-a-day’s drive from us. Very much the double-edged sword. Anyway … thanks for the Pairodox visit. I’ll be back. D PS: I’d be interested to know how you happened upon Pairodox Farm?


  11. dogear6 says:

    I’m jealous! That is a GREAT shot.



  12. Very beautiful! I haven’t seen Shenandoah Valley yet, but you made me wanna go there! I like the contrast in your photo, and the colors are truly golden. Thank you for sharing this beautful view with us./Maria


  13. arv! says:

    lovely picture! well captured!

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  14. Lucid Gypsy says:

    Breathtaking, I remember a song from many years ago, but never knew what Shenandoah was.

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