The Dance of the Poppies (Travel Theme: Motion)

This year, poppies bloom in unexpected places on my property, their seeds having been dispersed last fall by the reckless wind hussy. Each bloom is only open one day, then turns into an elegant green pod. The pods dry on the stalks, slowly transforming themselves into silvery grey rattles. There must be hundreds of tiny poppy seeds in each seed pod.
I love watching the flower petals flap about in the wind constantly changing the appearance of the flower. This picture was taken in a rare windless moment, during a break from the swaying dance, the moving song of the poppy.



The Dance of the Poppies was posted in response to Ailsa’s travel theme “motion” (see

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11 Responses to The Dance of the Poppies (Travel Theme: Motion)

  1. This almost doesn’t look real. Amazing. MM


  2. mpejovic says:

    Very pretty, and I like the contrasting background very much!


  3. Kristin says:

    They are so similar to the native CA Matillija Poppies, except those are white. I remember adoring the red poppies throughout the ruins in Rome. I wonder if they would naturalize where I live as the red is color therapy.


  4. says:

    These are just breath taking! What a gorgeous photo!


  5. monicasicoe says:

    I love poppies!!! I have lots of pictures of poppies


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