Travel Theme: Peaceful

Ailsa’s travel theme ( this week is whatever evokes a “peaceful” feeling. This meadow with abundant Queen Anne’s Lace growing in it does this for me. Queen Anne’s Lace is a wild, edible plant that’s also known as wild carrot and smells like carrots! The lacy flowers fold up like a bird’s nest when they are past their prime.

Queen Anne's Meadow

Queen Anne’s Meadow

Queen Anne’s Meadow
tired green,
rust brown,
savannah beige,
release the copious scent of

Seed heads,
full and heavy,
drooping lazily,
gather strength
to fling their embryonic cargo

betray their
mercurial lurches.

ringing in the ear,
swelling, receding:
late summer
hypnotic trance.

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10 Responses to Travel Theme: Peaceful

  1. Your poem really evokes summer, Annette, and the picture of the Queen Anne’s Meadow. So if they’re edible wild carrot, how do they taste, compared to regular carrots?


  2. mpejovic says:

    Meadows are very peaceful, especially when the wind gently blows through them and makes the grasses whisper.


    • Milka – what I absolutely adore is watching the wind create waves rolling over the high grass. That’s truly magical but really difficult to capture in a photo.


      • mpejovic says:

        I thought exactly the same thing a few weeks ago when I was walking through one with my kids. We were looking at those waves and they kept saying, take a picture, take a picture, but really, it’s take a movie. I should do that next time we’re around one. It’d make for a very peaceful movie.


  3. 67paintings says:

    I agree with catbirdinoman, a wonderful poem with a deep rooted feeling on the meadow itself, transporting me there.


  4. seedbud says:

    Beautiful in image and words. Thanks you for pointing me to it – and thank you also for all your kind comments. Very Best, Seedbud.


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